Protect your Blockchain investment with VPN security

Hackers Steal $64 Million Worth of Bitcoin with Sophisticated Social Engineering

The Slovenian-based Bitcoin exchange company, known as NiceHash, is recovering from a 64 Million-dollar Bitcoin heist.   Hackers orchestrated a complex attack to lift more than 4700 Bitcoins from NiceHash.   How Did Hackers Steal $64 Million in Bitcoin from Slovenia’s NiceHash? Hackers used sophisticated social engineering to steal some or all of the 64 Million…
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Which VPN Should I Use for Bitcoin?

It’s of urgent importance to make sure your crypto-currency is safe by using a bitcoin VPN solution.   But all crypto-currency VPN solutions were not created equal. Some VPNs (typically the free VPNs) actually offer little to no actual protection from certain kinds of Bitcoin wallet attacks. Additionally, some VPNs keep logs of all connected users’ browsing…
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Protect your Bitcoin Wallet

How Do I Hide My Bitcoin Wallet?

How Do I Keep My Bitcoin Wallet Anonymous? With just a little bit of preparation, anyone can instantly make their Bitcoin wallet anonymous.  Just follow the simple steps below to completely anonymize your Bitcoin wallet and all of your Bitcoin transactions. How Do I Hide My Bitcoin Wallet from Hackers? To hide your Bitcoin wallet,…
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Man loses $117,000 in Bitcoin over unsecure WiFi

An Australian man lost some $117,000 worth of Bitcoin when he logged onto an unsecured wireless network at a restaurant in Innsbruck, in southeast  Austria this month.  The theft occurred as the 36-year-old logged into his trade account over the restaurant’s WiFi, allowing the thief to migrate his BTC into an unknown location. Although details…
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