How Do I Hide My Bitcoin Wallet?

Protect your Blockchain investment with VPN security

How Do I Hide My Bitcoin Wallet?

Protect your Bitcoin Wallet
How Do I Keep My Bitcoin Wallet Anonymous?

With just a little bit of preparation, anyone can instantly make their Bitcoin wallet anonymous.  Just follow the simple steps below to completely anonymize your Bitcoin wallet and all of your Bitcoin transactions.

How Do I Hide My Bitcoin Wallet from Hackers?

To hide your Bitcoin wallet, just use an inexpensive online service which protects all of your Internet data.  Read below to see exactly how to sign up for this service.  Below, you also see how to create an anonymous email account to use for your Bitcoin activities to ensure complete anonymity.  Here’s how:

  1. Make a random new email address which you can use without giving your personal identity away.   This means you create a new email address which does not use your first name, last name, or any information that can be used to identify you.  Our advice is to use a Random Name Generator like  Then go to, create a new account, and use the randomly-generated name as your email address.

    ProtonMail provides anonymous, encrypted email accounts for free.

  2. Eliminate the possibility of people tracking your Bitcoin through your IP address.  This can be done by simply using an inexpensive-yet-strong Virtual Private Network account, or VPN.  To sign up for a VPN account, click here.  Then simply register your new VPN account using the randomly-generated email account you created in Step 1 (above).

    VPN App protects all your Bitcoin transactions

  3. Now access your Bitcoin wallet while your VPN is connected.  Your Bitcoin wallet is now completely secure from hackers and other parties.  This is true for as long as you’re connected to your VPN.


How Do I Know My VPN Provider Won’t Give My IP Address to Authorities?

While many VPN providers claim that they don’t keep logs of their users’ data, only some of them are truly log-free.

The VPN provider we recommend is absolutely and truly one of the world’s best log-free VPN providers.


Why Should I Create a New Email Address for My Bitcoin Transactions?

You make loads of pen names throughout your life on the web. The usernames that you select are basically “nicknames” which can all be traced back to your true identity.   Unless if you make a completely anonymous email addres, these usernames are typically connected to some certifiable type of ID – your name.

If you check your Bitcoin dashboard (like the one in the screenshot below), then you should consider increasing your overall online security.

Bitcoin wallet dashboard

Secure the email account tied to your Bitcoin wallet

This includes securing the password for the email account which is tied to your Bitcoin wallet!

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