Which VPN Should I Use for Bitcoin?

Protect your Blockchain investment with VPN security

Which VPN Should I Use for Bitcoin?

It’s of urgent importance to make sure your crypto-currency is safe by using a bitcoin VPN solution.   But all crypto-currency VPN solutions were not created equal.

Some VPNs (typically the free VPNs) actually offer little to no actual protection from certain kinds of Bitcoin wallet attacks.

Additionally, some VPNs keep logs of all connected users’ browsing history.  This is unacceptable for true anonymity, which is why we show you the best bitcoin VPN solution below.

How Do I Know My VPN Protects My Bitcoin?

VPN Customer Support

Customer support  is one of the most important factors in making sure you use the right bitcoin VPN solution.  Therefore it’s important to use a crypto-currency VPN solution that specifically caters to the needs of Bitcoin wallet holders.

Bitcoin VPN Customer Support

The VPN we recommend has a robust customer support staff which we contacted through various means (email, phone).

WiFi Encryption to Block HTTPS Vulnerability

Most Bitcoin wallet holders don’t know that their crypto-currency runs the risk of being stolen every single time you connect to a WiFi network.

Bitcoin WiFi Vulnerability Protection

This is true until you simply connect to your bitcoin VPN server.


More Ways to Protect Your Bitcoin

The best way to protect your Bitcoin investment is by using not just one but several layers of protection.

The following crypto-currency protection methods keep your crypto-wallet safe:
  1. Change all of your online passwords and ensure that they’re all unique, strong passwords.
  2. Avoid checking your Bitcoin wallet while using public WiFi (such as at a coffeeshop).
  3. Use a blockchain VPN solution to encrypt all of your Internet data at every WiFi hotspot
  4. Never respond to any suspicious text messages you receive – particularly texts asking you to call Customer Support.
  5. Use a major Bitcoin wallet site – not a small site with little to no reputation



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